Development Update

Seasons Greetings!

Not much to report and nothing to show 😢 I've had to chosen to work a lot overtime lately for work. Between that and various community stuff I've been doing I haven't had a lot of time left over. When I do find some time left over I've been selfishly spending my time playing Hearthstone Battleground, Diablo III or Detroit: Become Human. 

So progress has been slow! I do have some new WebGL shader code written and I've been working on transitioning more of the scene code into shader code. The performance is insane. Scene update operations that used to take 3ms now take 0.3ms and the memory overhead for the GPU has dropped to under 100MB. The missing pieces are the "pano anims" which are the graphical updates to the panoramas and the ability to draw 2D scenes over the 3D scene, which is used in a few places. In addition there are still no transitions implemented in the shader.

I didn't mean to let what started off as small fix to the rendering pipeline balloon into a complete and total rewrite... "I said the last time was the last time, but it became a past-time." -- from the musical Hamilton

Anyway... I knew I needed to check in because it looks like I won't actually get much time off for Christmas because work reasons so I'm afraid this slow process will continue.

I promise to do at least one Winter Break development stream.

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