Faithful port of 1998 Morpheus by Soap Bubble Productions in HTML5.  

Morpheus was the last title released by Piranha Interactive before shutting down.  Soap Bubble Productions (the company which produced the game) never received payment for over half of the printed US copies and only 50,000 copies were printed in the US.  An international release by Tiburon Interactive licensed the game for an international release where it was localized for German, French and Spanish.  Soap Bubble Production was not able to find another publisher for the US and was dissolvedshortly afterwards.

Fast forward 15 years later. I was annoyed that I was not able to play Morpheus on a 64bit machine so I started rewriting it.  I got a semi-working version in C++.  Latet I abandoned the C++ port and started over with a remake as a web game which can be seen at

I am currently using the original assets from the released CD which are really bad by today’s standards due to being over compressed in order to fit on 3 CDs.  I do have all of the original unmastered assets that I plan on remastering them once I am finished with the game.

You can follow me on or for every little update and I will update this thread with any big announcements.  I also sometime stream development and play-throughs of the game at  All source code for Morpheus is available at

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Dark, FMV, Mystery, panorama, Point & Click, Singleplayer, Spooky, Steampunk
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few hours
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Accelerometer


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Is there any way I can change the language of the game? I found language files in "Morpheus\app-1.14.0\locales" so I think it's possibly somehow.



Oh my god, I remember this! I have the German version, which sounded like it was dubbed by the janitor, his friends, and whoever they coerced in from the street...

Covid-19 treating you well?   Any progress on this re-make? Any comment would be nice


Still alive but it's been rough. Working really hard at work. I just never could bring myself to look at Morpheus for the remainder of 2020. 

New year new times. Going to try and keep poking along with it.

Are you still developing this re-make?

Evidence says no

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Note to developer: I purchased this game today, but the .exe file had a virus on it when I opened it - to the point that one of my antiviruses failed until I restarted.

Can you provide more information about what you are seeing? The windows EXE is provided as an unsigned electron application. Being unsigned or an electron application can both be treated as warnings. Unsigned means that I have not acquired a windows developer certificate to be able to sign the binaries. This has been on my bucket list to do.

An electron application is an unsandboxed web browser. The release is open source and you can view the source of the electron application here:

The application will save a config to your user directory and create a temporary cache for downloading assets. 

If you can provide any more details on what problems you are having-- please let me know.

Unfortunately I was not able to locate the issue because the whole executable was removed when Kaspersky tagged it as infectious. I think I'll just wait until your master program is in a better state - I saw your latest update. Best of luck to you!

Yikes.... I just noticed the in-browser widget on this page does not work and probably hasn't worked in many months since I switched up the DNS and moved to firebase. It's fixed now.

Glad you're still working on it...more money coming as soon as I ...... wake.... up..

New job since July is still very busy. Progress is slow. I'm working on some other neat WebGL stuff for work

How is everything progressing now that we are stuffed in a box?

Can we expect another update soon? While we are anxiously awaiting a prison release?

New renderer is getting close. I would like to do a little more testing before I replace production. Transitions still need to be implemented so scene switching is a little clunky because you can see elements pop in as they are loaded and there are no fades but that will be the next and hopefully last highly obvious piece to tackle on this refactor.

Any forward motion on this... oops


just wanted to say thanx

Anything happening in November? 

Knock Knock

Howdy! Unfortunately Morpheus has had to take a back seat to work and theater these past couple of months 😢 I was planning on picking it back up this weekend but then fell ill.... So nothing to report at this time but allow me to fill you in on my plans for the rest of the year.

Thanksgiving and Winter holidays are approaching and these have traditionally been times where I've gotten a lot done with large periods of focus time and I am hopeful that this cycle will be no exception! I have the large performance and rendering refactor about 2/3rds complete and while there will be some amount of time needed to bring myself back up to speed I would like to iron out these issues to make the game fully playable and hopefully bug free.

A lot of this year was unfortunately burned on infrastructure migrations, but those have all been completed so that I can focus on fixing these last few issues. In addition I want to resolve the Safari bugs so that the game will run on iOS devices. In addition this year I was able to put the corporate structures in place so that Soap Bubble Productions, LLC exists again as a legal entity. I have created store accounts for Steam, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. My plan is after this current refactor to be able to focus on creating presences there.

Morpheus will remain free to play on the web and but will have a very nominal one time cost (maybe $5?) for the other stores to offset the cost to bring games to those platforms.

I've been rehearsing with a local community theater to do a showing a Little Shop of Horrors through October. The next 4 weekends I will be rather busy. Not much Morpheus Development planned for this month!

apk doesn't work

I'll take a look this weekend

APK updated with an unsigned developer build. I'm almost have everything ready for real signed APKs but for now going back to debug builds. It looks like some of my "performance improvements" have negatively impacted the android experience. On my device I see video play icons appears briefly before loading videos. I will need to look into that.....

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Lost all my contact info with you for some reason,,, Still can't get Billy Wexler to get sick in the toilet to get that key to open his locker...

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app.a35fa9c….js:24 THREE.Material: 'uniforms' parameter is undefined.

app.a35fa9c….js:24 THREE.MeshPhongMaterial: 'vertexShader' is not a property of this material.

app.a35fa9c….js:24 THREE.Material: 'uniforms' parameter is undefined.

app.a35fa9c….js:24 THREE.MeshPhongMaterial: 'vertexShader' is not a property of this material.

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app.a35fa9c….js:24 THREE.MeshPhongMaterial: 'vertexShader' is not a property of this material.

app.a35fa9c….js:24 THREE.Material: 'uniforms' parameter is undefined.

app.a35fa9c….js:24 THREE.WebGLRenderer: image is not power of two (549x505). Resized to 512x256

this definitely worked at some point.  I am still doing the thing to fix that herbalist bug you mentioned earlier.

You might be able to save, reload and try again. What I realized with the herbalist bug is that there is some state associated with scenes in memory that can cause unexpected side effects when you revisit a scene before the scene has been cleared from the on screen cache (6 scenes).

Also if you really want to see everything the game is doing, you can add ?debug to the URL in the browser.... But I guess that doesn't help when you are in the app..... I guess I should make that be an option because debug logs would probably help bunches more.  Also I should add a report this scene button that send me the save file and debug logs!!!

Long story short.... I still am debugging this rewrite of scene rendering that I am banking on fixing a few bugs.  Then I can take a look at Billy

I was able to play the game until I actually paid some money for it. Now nothing works.

What seems to be the problem?

OKay I also see that the apps are not loading the game correctly. I will take a look at that soon. In the mean time you can always play for free at

@mdcostr I uploaded a new build of Morpheus for Windows PC. If that was the platform you were having problems with please check again.

yes it was the windows PC version I was having trouble with. Downloaded the most recent. Still having the same problems. Game loads, Matthew Holmes gives his speech, then lock.

Sent instructions on providing more debug information. Current version is working well for me. Old versions will not work.