Faithful port of 1998 Morpheus by Soap Bubble Productions in HTML5.  

Morpheus was the last title released by Piranha Interactive before shutting down.  Soap Bubble Productions (the company which produced the game) never received payment for over half of the printed US copies and only 50,000 copies were printed in the US.  An international release by Tiburon Interactive licensed the game for an international release where it was localized for German, French and Spanish.  Soap Bubble Production was not able to find another publisher for the US and was dissolvedshortly afterwards.

Fast forward 15 years later. I was annoyed that I was not able to play Morpheus on a 64bit machine so I started rewriting it.  I got a semi-working version in C++.  Latet I abandoned the C++ port and started over with a remake as a web game which can be seen at

I am currently using the original assets from the released CD which are really bad by today’s standards due to being over compressed in order to fit on 3 CDs.  I do have all of the original unmastered assets that I plan on remastering them once I am finished with the game.

You can follow me on or for every little update and I will update this thread with any big announcements.  I also sometime stream development and play-throughs of the game at  All source code for Morpheus is available at


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I was able to play the game until I actually paid some money for it. Now nothing works.

What seems to be the problem?

OKay I also see that the apps are not loading the game correctly. I will take a look at that soon. In the mean time you can always play for free at

@mdcostr I uploaded a new build of Morpheus for Windows PC. If that was the platform you were having problems with please check again.

yes it was the windows PC version I was having trouble with. Downloaded the most recent. Still having the same problems. Game loads, Matthew Holmes gives his speech, then lock.

Sent instructions on providing more debug information. Current version is working well for me. Old versions will not work.