Alpha Windows Installer

Alpha Windows Installer Available

This is alpha quality software!

That being said, this installer simply installs a chrome browser packaged together with the Morpheus Web resources. Game assets are downloaded while playing.

Still getting legal things in order for a proper launch but in the meantime was able to make the very first packaged desktop release of Morpheus for Windows x64.  This release was performed and published by hand, but future releases should be automated through gitlabs.  Still waiting on getting an EV certificate to be able to code sign, so this early release is  unsigned-- but the build is all open source and available at

Known Issues

  • Only the New button works on the title screen
  • No Exit button (use Alt-F4)
  • Login to Google for cloud saves does not work, but you do get a single in-game  save
  • No retry / error handling so in the case of any error the game will freeze (save frequently)
  • Some dream puzzles unsolvable (hey, this is still alpha!)

See for all known issues.  If you see something else, please report it!

Coming Soon

  • Mac/Linux installer
  • iOS/Android builds
  • Bug fixes


Morpheus-1.5.0 Setup.exe 58 MB
Aug 26, 2018

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