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A new build of Morpheus is available!

On the surface, not much has changed but underneath there have been several huge improvements made in the underlying web engine that powers Morpheus.  What made Morpheus unplayable after as little as a minute of gameplay was that no effort was being made by the application to release memory.  In addition, while auto-save made it easy to restore a crashed game it was less convenient to restart the game. 

Memory Management

As the player roamed about, the browser was hanging on to every video, audio, image and WebGL context.  Eventually the browser would run out of memory and the application would fail.  This issue was exacerbated by the recent preloading behavior, that would aggressively preload scenes before a player enters them.  I previously had made some effort to clean up memory but there were bugs and eventually I would disable the code.  Well for the past two weekends I turned on the unloading behavior and fixed bugs.  There is still some memory leakage, but an order of magnitude less than before.  

Motion Controls

Improvements to motion controls. The game sets a baseline when entering a scene. Once in the scene tilting the phone will rotate the panorama in that direction. The more the phone is tilted, the faster the rotation. Returning to baseline will halt the rotation. I would like to add some additional damping when near baseline, but is pretty close to what I want.

Reload button

A reload button has been added to the game menu to quickly reload the game without having to exit the application.  Press the button in the top-left corner to access the game menu.

Bug fixes

Various bug fixes include:

  • Fix for scenes which are intended to advance automatically to the next scene after a brief pause
  • Ignores duplicate mouse events sent when touch screens are used, preventing unintentional double clicks when using touch
  • Fixes for situations where motion controls could start to spin the panorama very fast

Known Issues

  • Google Login for packaged apps does not work.  Fix is complicated and I have been avoiding it.  Just avoid that for now please
  • No iOS builds for legal reasons (I don't want to publish under my own name).  Working on it.
  • Game does not sleep properly and music keeps playing when the app is running in the background.  I keep meaning to fix that but I get distracted.  Will fix soon.


Morpheus Setup.exe 61 MB
Oct 01, 2018
Morpheus 92 MB
Oct 01, 2018
Morpheus Mobile.apk 4 MB
Oct 01, 2018
Morpheus_amd64.deb 40 MB
Oct 01, 2018
Morpheus_.x86_64.rpm 46 MB
Oct 01, 2018

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