Bugfix + Performance Fixes

This release addresses a few play bugs:

  • Fixes a recently introduced issue that causes some scenes to be skipped, rendering some puzzles unsolvable (like turning on the lights)
  • Scenes now load and display assets that become active after the scene was created
  • Various data conversion fixes to improve gameplay

In addition there are some big memory improvements in this release.  I have spent time profiling and tracking memory and using that data to release memory to clean up after old scenes.  Long term memory growth is an order of magnitude less which should provide longer play sessions without reloads

My motto recently has been to move fast and break things.  While I try to test things before I do a release, I do not play the entire game.  This is still pre-release quality.  That being said, please let me know if you find anything wrong!


Morpheus Setup.exe 67 MB
Oct 27, 2018
Morpheus Mobile.apk 5 MB
Oct 27, 2018
Morpheus_amd64.deb 45 MB
Oct 27, 2018
Morpheus_.x86_64.rpm 52 MB
Oct 27, 2018
Morpheus MacOS.zip 92 MB
Oct 27, 2018

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